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Sense Of Place - Cemetery (2021)

SOP - Cemetery (2021) was filmed at the Green Mount Cemetery in Baltimore, MD in late October 2021. The short video captures a warm sunrise that welcomes visitors and familiar faces at the cemetery.

Zoom Vox Pop (2020)

Zoom Vox Pop (2020) was filmed over Zoom in late March 2020. The interview features 7 of my friends that have just moved back home due to the COVID 19 pandemic. They'll be answering questions about how and what they've been doing since they began to quarantine.

A Jam Session Documentary (2020)

A Jam Session Documentary (2020) is a documentary centered around the process of making music. Anyone can do it, even if they just picked up an instrument 20 minutes ago. In this documentary, I interviewed three musicians and asked them to play something for me to later arrange in a digital audio workspace.

I Remember (2019)

I Remember (2019) is an experimental spoken word piece about unrequited love. This piece's story is told through a voicemail and a slide show of often indistinguishable visuals. This piece was made to be viewed on a mobile phone screen.

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