uber stress dream (2020)

uber stress dream (2020) IS.An animated monologue about a stress dream I had while moving out of my dormthis piece follows me and an uber driver as we make our way to the airport despite all of the obstacles in our way.

zoom vox pop (2020)

zoom vox pop (2020) IS A vox pop interview filmed over Zoom in late March 2020the interview features 7 of my friends answering questions about how and what they've been doing since quarantine started for them.

a jam session documentary (2020)

a jam session documentary (2020) IS A documentary/music video about the process of making music. i interviewed multiple musicians and asked them to play something for me to later arrange in a digital audio workspace. watch till the end for the final result!

i remember (2019)

i remember (2019) IS AN experimental spoken word piece about unrequited love. THIS piece's story is told through a voicemail and a slide show of often indistinguishable visuals. This piece was made to be viewed on a mobile phone screen.