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March 2022 Animation Reel

Animation Breakdown available in YouTube description.

Magic Match-Up! (2020)

Magic Match-Up! (2020) is an animated short about two magicians attempting to one-up each other for the approval of a fickle audience. Featured on the frontpage of Newgrounds in April 2021

Uber Stress Dream (2020)

Uber Stress Dream (2020) is an animated monologue about a stress dream I had as I was in the process of adjusting to quarantining at home in early 2020.

Yah Mean Music Video (2019)

Yah Mean Music Video (2019) is an experimental collage of footage filmed during my freshman year of college and elements of rotoscoping and superimposed 2D animation set to the tune of Playboi Carti's "Yah Mean".

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